Hot Chips

7:06 PM, Friday, August 27th, 2010

Hot Chips fill your belly with gas: Think twice before eating Junk food-scientists.The Potato hot chips, burnt toast bread and biscuits cause Caneer, say scientist of World Health Organisation (WHO).
But here in India, we eat them by handfulls and bellyful at roadsides with polluted breeze and contaminated water to go in. the chips create gas trouble in the stomach, the wise men say, only to protect your health.

Eatables fried are dangerous to health, they say, and gobbling them for taste and merriment may invite trouble when you later writhe in pain in the belly. The chemicals released while frying eatables in pans (of oil) can bring diseases to you and your family, WHO warns. Better hold the tongue to save its taste buds in public, and escape Cancer now.

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