Include ‘Deevatige’, ‘Valaga’ and other servants also in monthly honorarium scheme

1:06 PM, Saturday, October 22nd, 2022


Mangaluru : The government’s decision to provide a monthly honorarium of Rs 2,000 to ‘daiva narthakas’, aged 60 years or above was heartily welcomed by the representatives of Pambada, Parava and Nalike communities

However, the representatives also urged the government to include the ensemble of Daiva Narthakas, like ‘Darshana Pathris’, ‘Gadi Hidyuvavaru’, ‘Mukkaldi’, too, along with those who hold ‘Deevatige’ and play ‘Valaga’ under the monthly honorarium scheme.

Dayananda G Kathalsar, the former president of Pambadara Yane Daivadhakara Seva Samaja Sangha and Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, thanked Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, and Kannada and Culture Minister V Sunil Kumar for announcing the monthly honorarium.

“Artistes engage in Daivaradhane by sacrificing their food and sleep. Due to the (hardships of their) work, they meet with untimely death. Thus, even those who are 50 or 55 years old should receive the honorarium, and the current age bracket of 60 years should be modified,” he said.

According to Kathalsar, there are 20-25 Daiva Narthakas above the age of 60 years from the Pambada community and about 30 from the Parava community, with about 1,000 from Nalike community in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts.

In both the districts, members in the communities themselves are a few. There are about 1,000 Pambada people, about 10,000 Parava people and about 20,000 Nalike people in the two districts, he said.

He also acknowledged the government’s financial assistance to these artistes during the Covid-19 lockdowns. However, he was apprehensive that these artistes would be denied their pensions by applying for the monthly honorarium.

“It may take two to three years for Daiva Narthakas to get the monthly honorarium after submitting applications. Until they get (the) honorarium, their old age pension should continue for their livelihood,” Kathalsar urged, emphasising the need to set up an academy and a study centre for ‘daivaradhane’.

Parava Sangha convener Dr Raveesh Parava Padumale revealed that the artistes involved in Daivaradhane were not rich.

“Those who perform Daiva Narthane cannot work as labourers due to the rituals associated with Daivaradhane. All 16 categories of people from various communities, including Pambada, Parava, and Nalike should be considered for the monthly honorarium scheme,” Padumale said.

Kathalsar also lashed out at actor-turned-activist Chetan Kumar for his remark that ‘Daivaradhakas’ were not Hindus.

“The statement was an attempt to divide us from Hindu religion. No forces can divide us. Pambada, Parava and Nalike communities have been receiving Schedule Caste certificates in the Hindu religion as per the constitution framed by Ambedkar,” Kathalsar said.

“The statement was issued without any knowledge of Daivaradhane. It is an ensemble when all 16 communities come together,” he said, demanding that Kumar apologise for his comment.

The members of the Pambada, Nalike and Parava communities would submit a resolution to the state government, through deputy commissioner, and would take legal action if Kumar didn’t apologise, he said.

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