Dead rat in mid-day meal sambar : ZP CEO visits ISKCON facility at Urva

2:00 PM, Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
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ZP-CEOMangalore : In the wake of Monday’s incident wherein dead rat was found in the mid-day meal of the Krishnapur Government School in Suratkal, on July 30, Tuesday, ZP CEO Tulasi Maddineni visited the mid-day meal preparation facility of ISKCON  near Urva market in Mangalore and inspected the facility.

She also looked into the cleanliness aspect. Later speaking to the media, the ZP Chief Executive Officer said all precautions need to be taken to ensure that the food served to students as part of mid-day meal programme was safe and hygienic. She also stated that a probe would be done into the case of tracing dead rat in the sambar of mid-day meal supplied to the school by ISKCON. The probe report would be sent to the government , she added.

Mid-Day Meal scheme officer Manjula, MA Nataraj, Suratkal inspector, were also present.

However, ISKCON authorities have maintained that  they are not at fault and there is no chance of a rat falling into the sambar vessel as otherwise it would have melted as the food is cooked above 100 degree temperature.ZP-CEO1jpg



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