Excise Department to eradicate illegal liquor centres : M P Renukacharya

8:31 PM, Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
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 M P RenukacharyaMangalore : Honourable State Excise Minister M P Renukacharya at a press meet held at Excise Deputy Commissioner’s office on Tuesday, October 26, said that the Excise department is committed to eradicate every illegal liquor condensing centres in coming days in Karnataka.
He also revealed that in Mangalore division there are around 256 small, 145 medium, 59 large, total of 460 illicit liquor centers prevailed, and with the help of a district level active squad, 277 such illicit liquor centers have been eradicated.

 M P RenukacharyaDuring the period between April 2010 to September 2010, 30,26,852 boxes of liquor have been sold out which was 26, 3,384 boxes last year. This is making huge growth in the sale, he said.

 M P RenukacharyaThe department will soon eradicate every illegal centres in the coming months targeting the large and medium distilling centres first, he added.
The department has the revenue target of Rs 7,500 crore for this year, the minister informed.
He also urged the liquor vendors to pay the due amounts to the government, else it will confiscate the assets from the liquor vendors.

 M P Renukacharya

 M P Renukacharya

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