NaMo Brigade hits upon an idea of a chariot journey from Kumbhasi to Udupi via Shivmogga

1:16 PM, Friday, January 17th, 2014
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NaMoKundapur: A decorated chariot journey was inaugurated at Anegudde, Kumbasi temple near Kundapur by the NaMo brigade volunteers on Thursday January 16 to campaign for BJP and its achievements in Gujarat and other states were they ruled to canvass for Narendra Modi who is in the forefront in the race for national premiership after the May 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

The chariot rolled from Kumbasi via Kundapur, Bhatkal, Shimoga, Davangere, Madikeri-Kodagu, Mangalore and culminating at Udupi in about 36 days, staying for about 20-25 minutes in about 18 religious places and reaching out to all villages in every taluk they pass on the way. the chariot has a large screen to show various achieve moments of Modi and there are sales of a new mobile phone named after him.

NaMo Brigade co-convener Chetan and members Nityananda, Karthik, Tarun, and driver Ganesh will be part of the team accompanying the chariot.

NaMo Brigade mentor Chakravarthi Sulibele, Nityananda Vivekavanshi, Kundapur BJP block president Rajesh Kaveri, Yuva Morcha president Shankar Ankadakatte, Ravindra Doddamane of Koteshwar Shakti, NaMo Brigage Kundapur convenor Rajat Tekkatte, Siddapur convenor Prashanth Kamath, local leaders Ganesh Bhat Gopady, Girish Upadhya Gopady and supporters of Modi were present on the occasion.

The chariot is expected to move out at 8 am and stock its journey at 8 pm on the way meeting potential voters to vote for BJP, by holding street corner meetings and talking to the people by the team members of Namo brigade.




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