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Congress leader S.M Krishna slams Yeddyurappa on alleged land dealings

6:22 PM, Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
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Sm KrishnaBangalore: Current External Affairs Minister S.M Krishna (who is also a former CM) was in a rage on Monday here against the allegations made about him being at the beginning of denotification of lands acquired for development purposes by the Karnataka govt, during 1999-2004 when he was CM, in order to favour some people close to him then.
Krishna on Monday in a statement refuted present BJP CM Yeddyurappa’s charges against him and stated that denotification (taking land out of state control) of over 2,000 acres of land belonging to the state had been made for the use by various departments of the state from Oct. 1999 to June 2004. Projects like construction of Outer Ring roads in Bangalore suburbs and utilization by KIADB and others were taken up then,
However, when Krishna was pointing out that over 2000 acres of land were freed from state control, Yeddyurappa as CM was telling that under Krishna’s rule (as CM) 633 acres of land were denotified !
CM Yeddyurappa gave out details of denotified lands in the last 10 years (from 2000) and residential sites allotted by former CMs in their discretionary power (or quota) to prove that he did not practise Nepotism in favour of his 2 sons in land matters. 2 acres had been allotted in 2007 in an industrial estate to a factory of which his 2 adult sons were directors, when H.D Kumaraswamy of JD(S) was CM.
CM Yeddyurapp denied any wrong doing in the allotment made then even if such allotment was made in 15 days after applications from his sons.

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