6:08 PM, Saturday, November 27th, 2010
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Siddaramaiah in  City seeks urgent legislative session



Mangalore: Former Dy CM under Patel and present opposition Congress leader, Siddaramaiah, was in the Coastal City on Friday and Mega Media spoke to him on an aside on a busy day.

Q: What brings you to Mangalore?
A: I am a Congress leader and follow the ways Congress has to tread all over the state. There are District and Block Panchayat elections due soon, unless the ruling corrupt BJP govt, finds ways to stall them. There are questions of reservation for backward classes who are in majority but who trail behind for ages. I need to discuss the matter with local activities and decide on an emergency Legislative session to arrive at a comprehensive conclusion.

Q: Who is responsible for the mess?
A: It is the ruling BJP in the thick of all troubles brewing in the state. Never at peace, the BJP creates problems where there are none. Take mining, take land scams, nepotism, greed for wealth, everything you do not see elsewhere are found in BJP rule. BJP does not believe in reservations to promote BCs to the centre of stage, it knows only aggravation of backwardness and poverty, or divide and rule methods. Look at the way minorities are isolated in the state. Congress would never do that.

Q: Any remedy?
A: The minorities are losing 109 seats in ZPs and 482 seats in Taluk Panchayats. This is what is known as social injustice done to neglected classes, by BJP. They should rule the state, not the Panchayats, but they stoop to conquer and want to wipe out rural cottages and build mansions for BJP activists there.

Q: Do you want CM to resign?
A: Let him! I will not dislodge him. He should fall under his own weight Congress will not break him. Recently he was hanging on as CM to the chair.

Q: What about BJP top leadership?
A: They follow dual policy, one for Gujarat and another for Karnataka. Let them gloat over Bihar elections. Karnataka is already becoming unbearable to voters who seek mid – term elections. A change will come over Karnataka.

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