Nidumamidi Mutt seer inaugurates two-day literary and cultural programme

10:14 AM, Sunday, December 14th, 2014
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jana Nudi Mangaluru : The Nidumamidi Mahasamsthana Mutt seer Veerabhadra Chennamalla Mahaswamiji inaugurated ‘Jana Nudi,’ a two-day literary and cultural programme organized by Abhimatha Mangaluru at Shanthi Kiran at Nantur on December 13, Saturday.

Speaking after inauguration‘Jana Nudi, he said, corporate powers are tightening their grip on art, literature and culture and organises fest to protect their interest, the people have started organising literary and cultural programmes to hide black marks on them. They are using this sector to increase their dignity or political image.

The seer said that there is black money with religious leaders and educationists in India than outside the country. The government should recover black money first and utilise it for the welfare of its citizens. The government should check the expenditure details during the grand festivals organised by private institutions and should seek details on the sources of money.

On declaring Bhagavad-Gita as national scripture, the seer said that every community has its own scripture. For Indians, the Constitution should be the national scripture. The demands of BJP like declaring Bhagavad-Gita as national scripture, Ram mandir at Ayodhya and uniform civil code are a threat to multi-culture of the country. “Modi has come to power in the name of development. He has to follow ‘rajadharma’ of Ramayana and fulfill his promise,” he said.

On mass reconversion incident at Uttar Pradesh, Swamiji said that the BJP wants to stop conversion and is scared as Dalits have started following Buddhism. The BJP wants to use Dalits for fulfilling their interest.

jana Nudi DSS leader Mavalli Shankar termed the Jana Nudi as a part of struggle by common man for self- respect. The incidents of communal violence have been increasing. All progressive mind should come together and create awareness among people.

Writer Sara Aboobakkar claimed that there is no evidence for Love Jihad as claimed by pro Hindu organisations. However, illegal transportation of cattle should be stopped.

Writer K Neela said that Swachh Bharath is more dangerous than ‘Gareebi Hatao’ of theCongress, as corporate world is attacking our culture through the drive. Many writers write for the corporate world. As a result, literature has failed to check the impact of globalisation and liberalisation.

Dr Vinaya Ukkunda presided over the function. Asha and team sang songs. Book exhibition attracted book lovers.


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