Fishing boat Bhagya Nidhi brought to safety by Coast Guard Karnataka Assistance

9:50 PM, Friday, May 13th, 2016
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Bhagya Nidhi Mangaluru : Indian Coast Guard ship (ICGS) Amartya, whilst on patrol, assisted distressed fishing boat Bhagya Nidhi (Regd No. IND-KA-02-MM-441) and its 6 crew in position 22 kms North West of Malpe in the early hours of 13 May 2016. The boat was submerged in water when there was a distress call of water flooding and the aft part of the boat was submerged. The boat was escorted safely to Malpe harbour at 09.20 AM on the same day.

On receipt distress call from boat Bhagya Nidhi in the late evening on 12 May 2016, Coast Guard Rescue Sub Centre (MRSC), Mangalore functioning under Coast Guard Karnataka Headquarters, alerted ICGS Amartya from its designated patrol area to search and render assistance to the fishing boat. Coastal Security Police (CSP) was also requested to Simultaneously, deploy their boat and also informed all other boats fishing in the area to keep and eye and assist a boat that from which there was a distress call.

Bhagya Nidhi Meanwhile, the owner of the boat was also contacted and MRSC, Mangalore coordinated the search and rescue operation of fishing boat Bhagya Nidhi with ICGS Amartya, CSP, fishermen and the owner. Coast Guard Remote Operating Station, Mangalore kept on broadcasting message for locating and assisting fishing boat Bhagya Nidhi through its VHF Station at Bhatkal.

Elaborate search, resulted in ICGS Amartya spotting the fishing boat Bhagya Nidhi in distress at 04.00 AM on 13 May 2016. The boat was taken under tow by fishing boats Jaishankar and Mahadevi. All the 6 crew of the distressed boat were safe and moved to another boat. The aft part of Bhagya Nidhi was submerged due to excessive flooding. ICGS Amartya continued to escort the distressed boat till Malpe.

Fishing boat Bhagya Nidhi along with the other two boats entered Malpe harbour at 0920 AM on 13 May 2016 and secured alongside jetty. All the six fishermen of the boat are safe and healthy.

Bhagya Nidhi While analyzing this operation, Coast Guard Karnataka Commander, Deputy Inspector General KR Suresh, TM stated that Coast Guard Rescue Sub Centre, Mangalore and all the Coast Guard Units should be alert as ever, to undertake search and rescue operations in view of the ensuing monsoon. Simultaneously, State Fisheries Department is requested to ensure seaworthiness of the fishing boats prior permitting them to proceed for fishing. All the boats should have lifesaving and communication equipments. The identity of the boats and crew should always be maintained with the Fisheries Department to render prompt response. The boats should operate in groups, so that timely location and assistance is possible. The Fisheries Department is also requested not to let the fishing boats venture into sea during the fishing ban period.

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