Kumpala Vidhyanagara residents’ complaints against water woes

1:51 PM, Monday, July 18th, 2016
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Kumpala-VidhyanagaraUllal: Residents of Kumpala Vidhyanagara urged the Someshwara gram panchayat President and panchayat Development officer to solve drinking water woes of the area, on Saturday.

There are nearly 100 homes comes in Kumpala Vidhyanagar area. From past three years the area people are not being provided drinking water even in the rainy season. When the rainy season starts the bore well water colour turn yellow and becomes unfit for the consumption. The area people had given complaint to the panchayat regarding the same.

Last year, panchayat people had done a test and said that the water is fit for consumption, but this year when the area people subjected the water sample for the tests, the reports said that drainage water i being mixed with the bore well water, so the water is unfit for the consumption.

Local people are alleging that STP of a private educational institution and hostels toilet waste is the reason behind the problem.

Ullal block Congress backward caste President Dinesh Kumpala said that mist of the area people work on daily wages. These people are depended on tanker water even in rainy season. The panchayat should respond positively for the water woes of the area.

Usha Manoj, Gunavathi, Shobha Vishwanath and others were also present.

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