It’s time to consume ‘Aati Kashaya’ on ‘Aati Amavasye’

11:08 AM, Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016
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Aati Amavasye

Mangaluru: ‘Aati’ a special month for all the people who live in Tulu Nadu. This month has got special cultural meaning also. ‘Aati Kashaya’ is one among the specialties of this month. Hindu people start their ‘Aati Amavasye’ with bitter kashaya. The kashaya is consumed with the hope of filling sweetness in their life in coming days.

Aati is the fourth month in lunar calendar. No special programmes will be organized in this month. Tulu people lead this month by chanting prayers and spend their day with devotion. People welcome ‘Aati Kalenja’ with utter devotion to stay away from evil spirits. People call their ancestors who have already passed away, seeking blessings from them.

Moreover, husband and wife are not allowed to stay together in this month! It is also believed that the wife should not get pregnant in this month; if she gets pregnant then she will deliver the baby in ‘Suggi’. During good old days it is also believed that the baby which born in ‘Suggi’ will not survive. So the parents of a married girl used to take their daughter to their home in ‘Aati’.

No agricultural activities also held in this month. All the activities would have ended by the commencement of ‘Aati’. All the farmers will take rest as their schedule will become hectic by the end of ‘Aati’.

‘Aati’ is celebrated in Tamil Nadu also, in the name of ‘Adi’. In Karnatak it is celebrated as ‘Aashada’. In Chamarajanagar district a huge festival will be organized in a temple during ‘Aashada’.

Aati Amavasye‘Aati Kashaya’:
‘Aati kashaya’ has also got a prominent place in ‘Aati’. On ‘Aati’ new moon the bitter decoction will be consumed to stay healthy. As sometimes the weather gets extreme, people will fall sick. To stay away from doctors and illness this decoction is being consumed.

The decoction is prepared using the bark of ‘Paale’ tree, which is called as Spirit’s tree or devils tree in English. The bark is boiled with pepper, garlic and goosefoot. The potion is consumed with empty stomach in the early morning.

This potion helps the body to maintain temperature and to improve the digestion power.

The people should be careful while choosing the tree. If the bark of ‘Kasarka’ tree is taken instead of ‘Paale’ tree then it may claim the life of the consumer.

Aati Amavasye



Aati Amavasye

Aati Amavasye

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