Praveen Bhai Thogadia vows to build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

9:46 PM, Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
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Praveen Bhai Thogadia Mangalore : The Ram Mandir will not be constructed in just 35,000 ft but it will be constructed in 67 acre of land in Ayodhya said Praveen Bhai Thogadia.
Praveen Bhai Thogadia Addressing thousands of Hindu’s gathered on the Hindu Samajotsav held at Nehru Maidan on Jan 2, Sunday, he said that Hindu’s believe cow as their mother and one who kills it will not gain any health ad wealth in life. The Anti cow slaughter bill was brought to avoid killing of cow, but Governor Bharadhwaj is creating obstacles and trying to ban it to favour the Muslims. We will not allow his plan to succeed in this case, he said. He also questioned Bharadhwaj whether he is the Governor of India or Pakistan.
Hindu religion is a science of a human life and the oblation offered to the god are the part of hindutva. If Ram Mandir will not be allowed to be constructed in Ram bhoomi or land, then will it be constructed in Mecca or Madina, he said.
 Hindu Samajotsav Speaking on the Love jihad, he said that the Muslims convert Hindu girls in the name of love jihad and break the economy of the country. Kashmir was the part of the country, even when the Muslims were not born. The ‘Islamic Jihad’ is growing up again to demolish the temples and country.
 Hindu Samajotsav Criticizing the case of Ayodhya he said that, Muslims gave the statement that there were no Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and hence Babar built the mosque on the plain land. But later the Supreme Court wrote a letter to the Government that it must be clarified in human court to know the fact. When the Lucknow court took the case, it was clarified that there were 54 pillars of the temple found on the ground.
Thogadia warned Muslims that not only Babar but even his father cannot build the mosque at Ayodhya. We will sacrifice lakhs of people fighting against this and will build Ram Mandir and hoist the saffron flag there, he said.
Sri Vishweshwara Theerta Swamiji Sri Vishweshwara Theerta Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt, said that the Hindu youths of the state must create awareness on jihad and terrorism among the Hindu’s.
He also said that, there are no Hindu terrorism found anywhere, but the other terrorism which is present in the assembly like corruption is found.
It has been proved that, the central government has failed to tackle the problem like terrorism and religious conversion taking place in the country in large.  People must be ready to built Hindu country and fight against terrorism. The work of Rama will be done by the Saints and the work of Lord Hanuman must be done by the youths. Today all the saints have to assure that, they will destroy the matter of untouchability from the root and work together to build the Hindu nation.
Sri Vishweshwara Theerta Swamiji Delivering presidential address, Dayanand Pai, owner of Century Group, Bangalore, said that Hindu’s must not only show their love towards their religion on the samajotsav day, but must be felt in the house daily. We must not give importance to our self need more than our religion and country. When the love towards our family increases, then the love towards nation dies, hence we must proudly accept that we are Hindu’s. We all are born to achieve great things and we will succeed only when devote some time for our country. Later, he said that he will donate Rs 1 crore to construct Ram Mandir.
Sri Vishweshwara Theerta Swamiji Delivering the benedictory speech, Ramananda Swamiji of Kolya Mutt, said that Saffron flag musty be hoisted from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The Hindu’s must be only satisfied after the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. All the Hindus must be united forgetting about the castes and work to protect our country.
Sri Vishweshwara Theerta Swamiji Ravi Shankar Mijar welcomed the guests and gathering. MB Puranik, leader of VHP delivered the introductory remark.
Sri Rajashekarananda Swamiji of Vajradehi Mutt, Sri Gurudevananda Swamiji of Odiyoor and K S Nityananda, scholar from Veda Vijnana Mandir, Chickmagalur also spoke on the occasion.
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