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All the measures taken to ensure safety of public and to maintain law and order: Commissioner

10:50 AM, Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
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Commissioner Chandra SekharMangaluru: “To prevent any undesirable and untoward incident during the celebration of Tippu Jayanthi all sort of security measures has been taken by the police. And if someone tries to disrupt the peace during the celebration of Tippu Jayanthi on November 10, then those people may see khaki in their dreams also,” said Police Commissioner Chandra Sekhar.

He was speaking to the reporters in a press conference held at ZP Netravati Hall on Tuesday.

“To control the anti social elements section 144 has been imposed by the deputy commissioner. There will not be any problems to general public. We have taken full measures to control the law and order problems during the Tippu Jayanthi celebrations,” he said.

He further said that 2000 personnel have been deputed in the city. Many CCTV cameras which are connected to the control room have been installed. Any violence if reported from any place police will reach the spot within five minutes. Moreover, the department is using high resolution drone cameras to monitor the boarders of Kerala and Karnataka.

Commissioner Chandra Sekhar“Still someone shows dare to create problems to the public and disrupt law and order in the city then those people will be booked under appropriate sections and they might see Khaki in their dreams also,” he added.

Deputy Commissioner K G Jagadeesh, ADC Kumar, Superintendant of Police Bhushan Borase and others were present.



Commissioner Chandra Sekhar

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