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Let’s not contort the history and social harmony says Ramanath Rai during Tippu Jayanthi

9:51 AM, Friday, November 11th, 2016
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Tippu-jayanthiMangaluru: “We should not contort the history and the social harmony. Social harmony should be increased during the celebration of Tippu Jayanthi,” said district in-charge Minister Ramanath Rai.

He was addressing the gathering in Hazarath Tippu Sultan Jayanthi organised by ZP and Kannada and culture department, on Thursday at ZP Netravati hall.

“People belonging to all faith were recruited in Tippu’s army; it shows the religious tolerance of Tippu Sultan. Like other Jayanthi’s the government had decided to celebrate Tippu Jayanthi last year to honour him for his deeds. Some are trying contorting the history of Tippu Sultan by spreading baseless and false messages,” he said.

He further said that some people wore his crown and took his sword and praised him. Now same people are objecting Tippu Jayanti. They should check their mental state to confirm whether they are mentally stable or not.

“Before warping the history we should learn the harmonious things from the history and we should implement those values now,” he added.

Tippu-jayanthiShivaram Shetty, Mangaluru SVP Kannada research organisation President said that Tippu’s good deeds during the King’s rule should be implemented instead of pointing out his bad deeds. Present democracy should follow his administration to give better governance to the people.

MLC Ivan D’Souza said that instead of spoiling the peace in the society it is better to respect Tippu’s sacrifice to get freedom from the British.

MLA Mohiudhin Bava, Police Commissioner Chandra Sekhar, Deputy Commissioner K G Jagadeesh, ADC Kumar, MCC Mayhor Harinath and others were present.





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