Murder attempt during broad day light in the city

10:14 AM, Monday, December 5th, 2016
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Gang-attackMangaluru: A case of attempt to murder has been registered against four persons at Pandeshwar police station which incident took place on Saturday at Light House Hill where a gang tried to murder a person in broad day light.

The injured person has been identified as Mohammed Ijaz.

Four people attacked Ijaz while he was parking his bike in front of building. Attackers had machetes with them and they were hitting his head with the intention of murder.

Ijaz ran from the spot and sprinted towards the building, he was chased by the attackers and they again hurt Ijaz’s back while he reached the stairs and fled from the spot.

Case has been filed against Jaleel, Chaba and other two unidentified people.

Ijaz has been admitted to the hospital and police are conducting the investigations.

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