Stray dogs maul 5 year old girl to death

2:07 PM, Thursday, April 20th, 2017
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nanadiniKalaburagi : Street dogs mauled a five-year-old girl to death at Kalamandaragi Bandenakera tanda near Kamalapur in the taluk on Tuesday midnight.

Nandini (5), daughter of Aravind Jadhav and Renuka, residents of the tanda, is the deceased. Jadhav is currently working in Dubai.

At around 12.30 am, Renuka went to fetch water from a tank when Nandini was asleep in the house. When she returned, she did not find the daughter in the house. Upon searching, she found dogs biting her. She carried her to the house unaware that she was already dead.

The girl had sustained grievous injuries on the neck, throat and head. “The child woke up when Renuka was away and went in search of her. She was attacked and killed by stray dogs on the street,” said GP member Sunil Ganapati Rathod and Nandini’s uncle Shankar Chavan. The family buried the girl on Tuesday afternoon. The tanda gets water supply only at night.

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