Ullal Police Inspector returns elderly man to his house

4:03 PM, Friday, April 21st, 2017
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Gopala krishnaUllal : Dejappa Poojary (65), who does not remember much about the place he lives in, was found near the railway track in Thokkottu on Tuesday.

Ullal Police Inspector K.R. Gopalakrishna, who noticed him during his patrol duty, helped him reach his house in the night. Mr. Gopalakrishna said that Mr. Poojary, a resident of Devi Nagar in Mastikatta, had walked all the way to Thokkottu Circle, nearly two kilometres away from his house. Seeing him sitting on the railway track, a local resident brought him away and made him sit in a corner of a building. Noticing him alone, Mr. Gopalakrishna asked Mr. Poojary the address of the place he was staying. A grief-stricken Poojary was not in a position to say much. Mr. Gopalakrishna took Poojary in his vehicle to a nearby eatery and offered him tea and some snacks. “He then said that he was resident of Devi Nagar and did not give further details,” Mr. Gopalakrishna recalled.

Mr. Gopalakrishna said that he used his contacts in Devi Nagar to find the place Poojary was staying. Around 8 p.m. Gopalakrishna dropped Poojary at his house. Poojary’s son told Mr. Gopalakrishna that his father had left the house in the morning.

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