Police Commissioner heard public grievance in first phone-in programme

1:19 PM, Saturday, June 17th, 2017
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POLICE-PHONE-INMangaluru : The new Police Commissioner T.R. Suresh heard public grievance in his first phone-in programme on Friday. Problems caused to motorists because of haphazard parking and movement of lorries and buses dominated the grievances made to the new Police Commissioner T.R. Suresh during the weekly phone-in programme on Friday. This was Mr. Suresh’s first phone-in programme, which was started by his predecessor M. Chandra Sekhar a year ago.

A resident of Hampankatta spoke of the problems caused by haphazard parking of lorries on the busy road between Rao and Rao Junction and Bunder. The caller said trucks are parked for unloading of goods obstructing movement of vehicles. Another caller said city buses move on all the three lanes of the road between Clock Tower Circle and A.B. Shetty Circle that slows down movement of vehicles.

POLICE-PHONE-INA caller from Bejai said of problem caused to pedestrians because of parking of vehicles of a showroom on the road. The caller said apart from parking of vehicles, the showroom operators have placed barricades barring people from using the pavement. A merchant from Central Market urged the police to get the vendors move out of the narrow roads leading to the market.

A caller from Urwa said parking of seized vehicles by the roadside was causing inconvenience to motorists. He asked the Police Commissioner to get the seized vehicles moved to a yard.

Mr. Suresh said police do not have adequate space to park seized vehicles. He said action will be taken to move the court and hand over those seized vehicles to their owners. They will search for a land to keep vehicles that need to be retained till completion of trials in the court.

Mr. Suresh said a special drive will be held to clear encroachment of roads and pavements. They will also check vehicles to ensure that they have proper number plate. Action will be taken against buses that do not follow lane discipline, he said.

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