Gang assaulted tipper lorry driver in Putturu

10:15 AM, Thursday, June 29th, 2017
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KhaderMangaluru : A gang of six members ssaulted a tipper lorry driver, in an act of vengeance, for filing a complaint against them on illegal mining.

The victim has been identified as Kallantadka resident Khader (33) and has been admitted to a private hospital in Puttur.

The incident took place near Kabaka junction in the outskirts of Puttur. Sadik of Vitlamudnur village in Bantwal and five others are the accused.

Khader said he received a threat call from an unknown number a month back. When he got a call again on Wednesday, he decided to file a complaint with the police. When Khader had just left his shop, the group of six people led by Sadik attacked him with wooden logs and chairs. Local people caught hold of Sadik and handed him to the police while the rest of the gang escaped in a car. Khader suffered injuries on hands and head.

He said he had filed a complaint to the department regarding an illegal quarry in 2013. Accordingly, the department had imposed a fine on the wrong-doers and later, a case was also registered for failing to pay the fine.

“Out of revenge, Umar had filed a complaint against Khader and the hearing of the case is on. Umar had hired some goons to assault me,” the injured Khader said.

Sadik, who had also suffered injuries on his hand and face when the public thrashed him, was given the first aid at the government hospital in Puttur, before the police took him to custody.

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