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Air India aircraft skidded over runway landing lights, 185 passengers safe

11:56 AM, Monday, July 17th, 2017
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Air-IndiaMangaluru : An Air India Express aircraft ‘momentarily’ skidded off the runway at Mangaluru International Airport on Sunday morning due to the weather suddenly turning bad when it was about to touch down.

Luckily its skilled pilots were able to immediately bring the Boeing 737 back to the “tabletop” runway’s centre line after the “momentary” skidding. Apart from a few broken runway lights, there was no damage to the plane and no injuries to people on board.

Strange, how is it that the aircraft is not damaged wen six landing lights were damaged?

The scare happened as the Dubai-Mangalore flight (IX 814) was landing with 185 people, including two infants, on board.

“Just as the aircraft was about to touch down, there was sudden gust of wind and heavy rain. The aircraft skidded to the right momentarily after touch down but got back to the center line thereafter. There was no discomfort or injury to any passenger. Post arrival inspection of the aircraft revealed no damages,” Air India Express CEO Shyam Sundar said.

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