Changing dynamics of Indo-China relationship

6:09 PM, Sunday, September 10th, 2017
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Indo ChinaMoodubidire: It is because of all these years unnecessary focus about negligent Pakistan and utmost inattentiveness of dangerous China is the real cause for advancement of china towards India, said BL Santosh, Joint Organizing Secretary, Bhartiya Janatha Party.

He was speaking on ‘the changing dynamics of Indo-China relationship’ jointly organized by Rostrum Speakers’ club of Alva’s Education Foundation and Sanchalan Moodubidire, on Saturday, at VS Acharya Hall, Vidyagiri.

Indo ChinaHe said, ‘all these days we oriented our concentrations which is not necessarily given importance. But it is very unfortunate that, we couldn’t realize the threat posed by our own neighbor country China until it advanced towards our border. Taking the advantage of situation, China is challenging India in borders, strategic alliance and internal security fronts. It is also playing its card in national security, water, culture, economics sectors’, he added. He called upon students to boycott Chinese products in day to day consumption, and said, it is better to ‘’know china’’ to make ‘’no china’’. Quoting the words of Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu ‘’to subdue the enemy without fighting is the pinnacle of strategy’, he said India succeeded in Dhoklam plateau standoff applying same diplomatic strategy. Moreover India has its upper hand in different areas like democratic governance, younger population, skill intensive service sector and entrepreneurial culture.

Alva’s Education Foundation Trustee Vivek Alva, Alva’s college Principal Dr Kurian, Naturopathy college Principal Dr Vanitha Shetty, Nursing college Principal Dr Vinaychandra Shetty and others were present.

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