Cheated 80 Year Old Mangaluru Based Woman Cries for Justice

1:55 PM, Friday, October 13th, 2017
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GirijammaUdupi: In a press conference held in Udupi on Thursday, Udupi based Human Rights Protection Foundation President Dr Ravindranath Shanbhag narrated the plight of an eighty year old woman in Mangaluru who has been waiting for justice after she was cheated by a culprit who took away cash of Rs 2 lakh from her.

Spinster Girijamma earned her living by selling bangles. Since she did not have a shop, she had to go door to door to sell the bangles. She had earned Rupees Two lakhs by selling bangles at fares and markets and deposited the same at Kadri Cooperative Bank as a fixed deposit with the hopes that it would come to her aid during her old age.

Ram Poojary, a stranger befriended Girijamma, assured his support to her during her old age and misappropriated Girijamma’s lifetime savings. With empty promises of repaying the amount duly, he absconded.

Girijamma approached an advocate in 2014 and moved the Civil Court of Mangalore which passed its judgement in 2016 in that Ram Poojary has to repay Girijakka an amount of Rs.2,20,000/- which included interest. After 10 months for struggling to get back her money, Girijamma approached Human Rights Protection Foundation at Udupi. Since Girijamma is suffering from health issues like diabetes and blood pressure, she is unable to sign and submit her complaint; Human Rights Protection Foundation sent a complaint to the Tribunal.

Six months have passed since the Assistant Commissioner of Mangaluru ordered the Konaje Police Station to implement the order passed in favour of Girijamma. Seeing no hopes in the implementation of the order, Girijamma who is on her deathbed has prayed that, “Even if I don’t get the money, it should not go to Ram. Please give it to an orphanage.”

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