Ex-Soldier Harassed by His Neighbour

5:11 PM, Friday, October 13th, 2017
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Narendra nayakMangaluru: In a tragic story, Mangaluru based ex-soldier who served the country has became a victim of noise pollution, harassment and forced to defend his own house in the city even at his old age. Mangaluru city based rationalist, social activist Narendra Nayak narrates the present pathetic life of ex-military man.

Ex- Indian Army Jawan Gopala Krishna Vittal Kamath (75), a resident of Kodiyalbail in Mangaluru spent 16 years of his precious days of his youth with armed forces providing food for the soldiers. He could have never imagined that his old age would have to be spent in defending his own home and hearth from attacks of pseudo soldiers- that is those who act roles of them!

He had purchased an apartment in the ground floor of a home in 1997, the first floor of which was purchased by one Devadas Kapikad, a well known film and drama, film personality. As the reputation of Devadas grew he felt the need for expansion of his residential premises but when construction happens there is noise, dust and all such disturbance. This was all to the share of the occupants of the ground floor, Gopalakrishna Kamath and his family. They had to endure the noise pollution, dumping of waste in front of their residence.

Narendra nayakIn words of his wife Sudha G. Kamath, in 2003 the harassment grew to such a level that they had to complain to the police. Though they had a 33% undivided right in the open spaces, the opposite party had taken over all of it and deprived them of all their right over it. Things reached a flash point when the opposite part tried to extend their occupied area and put up new constructions. The noise was so much that they had to shift from their home to their son’s home nearby. Even there the noise continues to disturb them. Their compound is filled with iron rods and work is going on.

After Sudha G. Kamath filed a complaint with the Mangalore City Corporation authorities, the rubble heaped was removed. But the construction seemed to be going on. The iron rods are heaped in their front yard, the noise still goes on. The city corporation authorities have promised to carry out a spot inspection after the complaint was filed on October 9. But, the senior citizens still await justice. They were too frightened even to complain to the authorities as they fear that the highly placed opposite party may influence the authorities to get their complaint thrown into the dustbin!

Being fed up of all the harassment and the noise and other pollution they had to endure they have decided to seek justice at all available avenues.

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