Ex-DSP launches new party, wants to increase honest officers’ tribe

5:55 PM, Wednesday, November 1st, 2017
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anupama shenoy Mangaluru: Disillusioned by the “treatment meted out to her by the police department”, former Kudligi DSP Anupama Shenoy launched her own political party at Kudligi in Karnataka’s Ballari district on Wednesday.

Her party has been christened Bharatiya Jana Shakthi Congress (BJSC). Anupama said the details of how many seats her party would contest and from which districts will be decided at a later date. “I’m busy with the launch of the party. Those details will be discussed with party members and announced at a later date,” she said.

On being asked what made her choose the name of her party which is an amalgamation of the two major political parties in the country, Anupama says Bharatiya is a universal word and for her it denotes Indian nationalism and the party will propound it.

“All those who have Indian citizenship come under its ambit and the party puts forth this idea of oneness. Jana Shakthi, obviously, means people power and we want to harness it and show that there’s unity in strength and we grow stronger together. Our party will reemphasize this aspect. The last word Congress is with a belief of propounding Mahatma Gandhiji’s idea of Congress and spread his message of Gram Swarajya. I had already said that we want to make reality Gram Swarajya, a dream of Gandhiji and his first step is also ours, she said.

Regarding the objectives of her party, Anupama said the major objective of the party was to emphasize that people should be the kingmaker and not politicians – who come to power because of people’s mandate. “We want to see to it a party, which gets majority of people’s mandate, should rule, in spite of a fractured mandate, rather than cobble up a majority with parties which did not get a majority mandate,” she noted.

Another main objective of BJSC is to give administration according to the rule of law with a humane touch. Anupama who fought against bureaucracy wants to ensure that honest government officials are offered conducive environment and increase their tribe. Yet another objective of the party, Anupama said, is to strengthen and support grassroots leaders from other organizations, not political parties, give them political support so that they could find solutions to their own problems rather than relying on politicians, who are unaware or inimical to their problems. Anupama also wants to make the Karnataka a liquor-free state in stages.

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