Techies by day, masterchefs by night: The secret of this eatery is passion

10:47 AM, Friday, January 12th, 2018
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techiesMangaluru: Coders by day, chefs by night. Five techies, who earn fat pay cheques working for an MNC, fling off their formals and don the apron and toque to pursue their passion: dishing up delectable seafood.

Vignesh Kini, Sachin PR, Sachin Poojary, Hemanth Karkera and Shishir Samani, who work for Thomson and Reuters, ganged up to open a food joint called ‘Fish Garage’ in Urwa-Chilimbi, in the heart of the city.

The eatery boasts of specialized seafood delicacies, some of them curated after years of experiments with various masalas, at reasonable rates. The motto of their venture is to pursue their passion and not to make profits. They take turns to look after the eatery, which includes their office lunch breaks.

Explaining their journey from the world of clinical software to the stimulating food industry, Vignesh recalls that they used to stay together while they working in the same firm, and were forced to cook.

“We needed to survive, so we were compelled to cook. During this time, the chefs in us came to the fore. We started experimenting with different dishes. While others just cook with some rough calculation, we started measuring each ingredient. This went on for one-and-a-half years. We used to invite friends and colleagues and seek suggestions for improvement. Then we decided to open an eatery.

Fish Garage opened a few days ago and we want to keep it going.”The menu has exclusive fish dishes cooked in Gowd Saraswat Brahmin (GSB) style and some local traditional delicacies. The menu with limited items, ranging from 16-18 dishes.

Why just sea-food? Kini answers: The first reason is that my brother has a fishing boat and can get fresh produce every day. Second, the fish restaurants in Mangaluru are overpriced and some are hyped. Our prices are pocket-friendly and offer the customer fresh fish. Even the coconut oil we use is procured from one of our partner’s factory.”

They invested their engineering skills in the 350sqft eatery, with wasting an inch. The eatery can accommodate 24 people at a time. They christened it ‘Fish Garage’ because it was earlier a garage.

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