I’ll be one day Prime Minister: Huccha Venkat

11:15 AM, Friday, January 12th, 2018
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ministerMangaluru: I want to go to politics with the new party in the upcoming elections. But the father did not agree. But in the next days, I am going to hand over the father to politics. venkat said that while I was 60, I would be one day Prime Minister.

Speaking at a press conference on his ‘Dictator’, he appealed to the people not to file a fake vote in the election. He also said that they should not sell themselves for money, saris and wives.

It is very painful for the unpleasant incidents happening in Mangalore. If we all love, do not want violence. We do not want to go with those who are trying to get us away. Instead of being united, we need to know how to deal with peace-makers, “he said.

He is acting as a journalist in the film ‘Dictator’, and the journalists’ difficulties are on the screen. He also said that he has sung five songs in the film with screenplay, direction and acting.

The film is still being shot and promo is available on YouTube. Aishwarya is the heroine of Miss Equate India. I’m doing this picture in a way that does not hurt anyone. He also said that he is directing ‘Tikla Huccha Venkat’ and ‘Vahhankari’ along with the film.

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