Compliance is increasing in the media: Ravi Hegde

11:32 AM, Friday, January 12th, 2018
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Ravi-HegdePuttur: Compliance is increasing in the media. There are a lot of people watching the TV screen. Its last is in society. This program should be a barrier to work, “said Ravi Hegde.

The conference was organized by the All India Karnataka Community Radio Conference on Thursday at the auspices of the Vivekananda Vidyavardhaka Sangha in Puttur . Addressing the conference, he spoke.

Film director BS Linga Deva spoke and said, ‘It is a good idea to make a different dimension of news for money. We can not blame the middle unless the society has the right choice. The movie is also the same as the media.

It’s about the story and storyteller’s ability to decide on it. ” Gaurish Rai, Head of Kasturi News Channel, said, “The changing scenario is not media. If the change is surprising then it’s real. In some cases, the media has reproduced many benefits. ” Speaking on the occasion, Girish Rao (Jogi) said, ” Media is a reflection of society . It is easy to comment on the media.

However, the measurement and modification of media value is required. Every person should think of the people’s choice of people, “he said. The students of the journalism department of Vivekananda College were very interested in the concert.

Many questions were asked by guests who were involved in the conversation. In concert with One India Kannada is the Editor-in-SK Shyam’s beautiful, senior journalist Bonantha Harishchandra Bhat, journalist PB Harish Rai, Assistant Director, Mangalore, Ushaalatha, national award winning photographer Ramchandra and others were present. Rakesh Kumar welcomed the program, headed by Vivekananda College of Journalism, and compered the program.

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