Swamiji rescues injured eagle at Matt

12:50 PM, Monday, February 12th, 2018
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Pejawar SeerUdupi : Vishwaprasanna Swamiji of  Pejawar matt was taken a injured eagle to the Prasad Nethralaya for preliminary treatment here on Saturday.

The huge-sized bird, which had lost the balance, fell on the ground injuring feathers on both the sides and also the eyes from the coconut tree near the Pejawar mutt.

The seer said that he was told by the mutt’s disciples about the bird which was suffering at the bottom of the tree. He immediately rushed and took care of the bird by offering water and minor treatment.

Later, he called the head of Prasad Nethralaya, Dr Krishnaprasad, who later consulted the experts in Bengaluru. The bird was taken to the hospital and some drops were put to the eyes of the bird. The bird is kept under observation in the mutt and is being treated.

The seer said the bird is under observation for ten days and if need arises, an operation will be done with the help of the experts.

He said the actual cause of injury to the eyes is not known. As the bird was found at the bottom of a tree, it can be expected that it fell from the tree and injured itself. But it is not known how the eyes are damaged, the seer said.

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