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Muslims also participated in the Indian Freedom struggle: Yasin

4:31 PM, Monday, March 5th, 2018
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muslimsUdupi: The district Muslim meet was held at Mahatma Gandhi ground, Beedinagudde here on Sunday.

Addressing the gathering, Mohammed Yasin Malpe, president said that “It is our responsibility of building India into a strong nation, which is based on the fundamentals of humanitarian values,”

Yasin asked the group to get empowered and become actively involved with the welfare of the society.

“Being Muslims, we have added responsibility than others to lead India towards becoming a powerful nation,” he said.

Yasin further added that Muslims were also a part of the freedom struggle against the British. “Muslims have been questioned to prove their patriotism, few politicians create communal conflicts through inflammatory speeches and motivating youth to work against Muslim community,”

Yasin also said that the BJP led Central government is prejudiced against Muslims.

He said that Muslims are being considered as terrorist and communalists, which is not true.

“There is a need to empower Muslim community educationally, economically and politically,” he said.

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