If I have hurt anyone’s mind, I beg your pardon – MLA Moiuddin Bava

4:23 PM, Monday, March 12th, 2018
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congressMangaluru: I have played no role in the distortion of Ayyappa Swami’s devotional song. This song has been created without my knowledge. This song might have been created by some fan of mine or an enemy, but I beg for pardon if I have hurt anyone’s feelings through this song, said MLA Moiuddin Bava.

The controversy came to light when Mangaluru North constituency MLA Bava used a song to promote his developmental work, which turned out to be a distortion of an Ayyappa Swami devotional song.

Speaking at a press conference in his office, MLA Bava said that he has no connection with this song. He had no idea on who made this song. I came to know of the distortion of Ayyappa Swami song during the ‘padayatra’ on Friday. I am against the distortion of devotional songs for personal purposes. I feel sad about this song. I’ll demand for an enquiry into this issue.

The accusation that I have distorted Ayyappa Swami’s devotional song has hurt me. I am a devotee of Ayyappa Swamy. I have procured government grants for Ayyappa temples. I respect all religions. I have helped in getting government assistance for Bhramashree Narayana Guru Temples, as well as provided assistance personally. It is not correct to establish someone else’s mistake on me. I request you not make this song go viral, he said.

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