Congress workers shout ‘’Bolo Bharat Mata ki jai and “Vande Martaram” for JR Lobo campaign

6:29 PM, Friday, May 11th, 2018
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jr Lobo Mangaluru : The Congress workers begun door to door campaign shouting ‘’Bolo Bharat Mata ki jai and “Vande Martaram” for Mangalore South candidate JR Lobo on Friday May 11.

Youth Congress President Mithun Rai, Ex Mayor Mahabala Marla, Viswas Das and other wear seen wearing saffron shawls around their shoulders while holding campaigns for their candidate JR Lobo at Kudroli, Skathinaga and Bajal Area.

Speaking to Media Youth Congress President Mithun Rai said, “The difference between the BJP and Congress is that they are using saffron to create hatred and we are using it for harmony. The colour saffron is not the sole property of the BJP. We have not politicized Hindutva though we are Hindus. I have been using the saffron colour for several years. Our Hindutva is the real Hindutva. The BJP has been using Hindutva only for vote bank politics. We have been using saffron while campaigning to ensure that it should be made a colour of communal harmony. It should not be a tool to divide people.”

jr Lobo “No one has given a Hindutva contract to the BJP,” says district Congress Committee president K Harish Kumar. He told that it is not necessary for one to become a member of the BJP to identify himself as a Hindu. “For them, only BJP workers are Hindus. For us, everyone born to Hindu parents are Hindus. We have a large number of Hindus in the Congress too, and we have not given the contract of Hindutva to the BJP. It is true that our party workers too campaign wearing saffron shawls and shout slogans like ‘Bolo Bharat Mata Ki Jai’,” said

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