Morgan’s Gate junction facing several problems to the Vehicular’s

1:39 PM, Wednesday, June 13th, 2018
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junctionMangaluru:  The Morgan’s Gate junction is the main junction from where the road reaches to many locations in the city including Marnamikatte, Muger, Mangaladevi and hence witnesses high vehicles density and traffic movement daily. It is normal to see accidents and traffic jams here due to the pot holes on the road because of the rain.

When travelling toward Mangaladevi from the Junction, one if forced to cover ones nose by the over whelming bad smell emitting from the underground drainage a little away from the junction along this route.

The drainage system of a private building has spoilt because of which they have let out their underground drainage directly into the drainage meant for rain water, thus leading to the over bearing obnoxious smell in the area. Also, when it rains, the dirty water flows on to the road. Due to this, the localities are pushing their days under the shadow of an epidemic outbreak.

The CCTV pole installed by the police in the interest of the people has tilted over dangerously on to one side after it was hit by a bus. If any other vehicle hits this tilted pole, it will definitely end up on the ground. The localities have called for action on this from the relevant authorities.

The fuse box of the transformer situated close to the junction had slid down due to the heavy rains, which poses a grave danger to the children. During the rainy season, the electricity supply is susceptible to voltage fluctuations. The people are frightened because of this messed up system in such a situation.

Since no footpath has been created here, the pedestrians are compelled to walk on the road. During the rainy season, the water on the road inevitably gets splashed by the passing vehicles.

To avoid the splash, the pedestrians have to either make use of their umbrellas or try some other method. The district administration has not gone to solve this problem before the monsoon season accuse the localities.

“There are many problems at Morgan’s Gate junction and its surrounding areas. With the start of the monsoon season, these problems have accentuated. This issue has been brought before the related authorities locals says.

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