53 rupees for Kundapur-Bhatkal Volvo bus..!

5:09 PM, Thursday, June 14th, 2018
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ksrtc-busByndoor: KSRTC which recently stopped its rural transport service has once again shocked its passengers by abruptly hiking the ticket price of its popular Mangaluru-Bhatkal Volvo AC bus service. The price has been hiked by up to 40 rupees which has made its daily users extremely unhappy.

Since many years, there has been no proper bus service between Kundapur and Bhatkal. Last year in January, KSRTC started a Volvo bus service between Mangaluru-Bhatkal thus gifting an essential service to the eagerly waiting passengers.

This service has immensely benefited the people of Bhatkal, Byndoor and Shiroor region. Until then, people seeking medical help from Bhatkal had to travel to Mangaluru only through the expensive private car service.

After the Volvo bus service commenced, it received a good response from the passengers. Most of the buses were running on full capacity. This government bus facility had a lot of effect on private vehicles. Now, the abrupt hiking in the ticket price will possibly push away the people from the Volvo bus service.

KSRTC Mangaluru division incurred 22.52 crore rupees loss in the previous financial year. In January, 8 Volvo buses were introduced between Bhatkal-Mangaluru. This, instead of becoming profitable, has become a loss. Bhatkal-Mangaluru Volvo bus service has incurred a loss of 3 crore rupees since January till date and in the previous financial year, it incurred a loss of 2.47 crore rupees, inform the KSRTC officials.

“When the bus service was initiated, the prices were kept low to compete with the private buses. According to the present calculation, the cost of every kilometer travelled by the Volvo bus comes to 56 rupees.

The income is 33 rupees, thereby causing a loss of 23 rupees. It was being corrected by the gains during the seasonal period. But, in the rainy season, it is difficult to run the bus in loss because of which the price has been increased,” explained Deepak Kumar, KSRTC DC.

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