15-year-old girl drowns in front of her mother

2:55 PM, Tuesday, July 10th, 2018
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shivmoggaShivamogga: In a tragic occurrence that is accounted for from Dudlimane near Thirthahalli taluk, a minor girl who was crossing the canal on a footbridge alongside her mother lost her balance, slipped and downed by the power of the water.

This heat wrenching episode happened on Monday, July 9. The body of the girl has not yet been found because of the unremitting rains.

The deceased has been identified as Ashika (15), daughter of late Yogendra Gowda and Anita, residing at Dudlimane. She was a student of ninth-grade.

Schools and colleges on Monday, July 9 was closed because of the substantial downpours. So Ashika was at home. She and her mother went to purchase grocery from the ration shop at Honnetali and was returning home with all the things. Ashika all of a sudden slipped from the footbridge and began to drown. Her mother Anita too jumped into the canal and tried to save Ashika. But, she couldn’t save her daughter as the power of the water washed Ashika far from her.

Anita cried for help and people who were near-by arrived and tried to follow the girl but failed to trace her.

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