Dr Nischal Rao known as the ’Amazing’ doctor in London

12:15 PM, Wednesday, July 11th, 2018
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lanon-doctorUdupi: Dr Nischal Rao from Nehru Nagar in Manipal is known as the ’Amazing’ doctor in London.

Around 14 months ago, a Scyadan couple had been admitted to the maternity ward of Whittington Hospital in London. But, the child they had given birth to was not breathing. Dr Nischal Rao was a neonatologist in the very same hospital.

Everybody was sure that the newborn baby was no more. But Dr Nischal and his team nonetheless provided essential emergency treatment to the newborn post which the baby started to breathe and now is in a healthy condition

Dr Nischal Rao pursued MBBS at KMC Manipal and pursued MRCP in London. Over the last 20 years, he is been giving his service in hospitals across London. He is the son of retired MIT Professor K. Kamalaksha and former corporation member Snehaprabha.

This incident was forgotten by the doctors. But, the parents of the newborn baby informed BBC about this incident. BBC invited Dr Nischal for an interview which was released on July 3rd. In the interview, Dr Nischal explains how he and his team provided treatment to the newborn baby. Followed by this, the administration of the hospital honoured Dr Nischal with the title ‘Amazing Doctor’.

“I alone am not responsible, our team has made this possible,” says Dr Nischal Rao.

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