Water priced more than normal..MCC assures to rectify!

3:52 PM, Wednesday, July 11th, 2018
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water-priceMangaluru: City residents were shocked to see their water bills reading a higher price.

It has been gathered that a hotel which used to normally receive a water bill around Rs 1,600, received a bill for Rs 18,000. Similarly, in another case a person who would receive a bill was Rs 80 got a bill of Rs 800.

Many others too got high water bills recently. A decade has past since a private company is appointed to raise water bills in the city. Due to many complaints from some n parts of the city not getting water bills, the MCC assigned personnel from its malaria control unit to carry out this work.

Bills were issued June 1 and there are several errors reported now. The city Mayor K Bhaskar Moily said he has initiated steps to solve the matters.

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