Policemen advised to give priority to physical fitness

9:53 AM, Thursday, December 6th, 2018
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laxmanMangaluru: Superintendent of Police Laxman B. Nimbargi said on Wednesday that police personnel should devote at least one hour a day for maintaining their physical fitness.

He was speaking at the valedictory function of the three-day annual District Police Sports Meet at the District Stadium here.

Mr. Nimbargi said that police personnel worked under tremendous pressure. When they were called for doing duty, they kept aside their personal and family problems and reported for work.

The police work demanded high physical fitness. Hence, the police personnel should give importance it, he said.

No matter what the pressure, the police staff should spend some time with their families and take care of them. “If you find peace in your families, you will be positive while discharging your professional duties,” he said.

They should also give importance to the education of their children as it was the best investment in their lives. The annual District Police Sports Meet was not just a sports meet but also an occasion when the families of various police staff meet one another, he said.

In the last three days of the sports meet, the police personnel had for once forgotten their work pressure, and participated in it wholeheartedly. It was not winning or losing in the competitions in the sports meet that was important but participating in it, Mr. Nimbargi said.

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