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City police conducted special operation on active rowdies and anti-social elements

8:03 PM, Friday, March 15th, 2019
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Active-rowdies Mangaluru : The Mangaluru City police conducted simultaneous raids on active rowdies and anti-social elements across all police station limits at 5 am on Thursday.

City police commissioner Sandeep Patil told reporters in all police stations limits of the Mangaluru City Commissionerate, that a special operation was conducted in which all inspectors and staff of the crime department participated to identify active rowdies, goondas and anti-social elements. Their homes were raided and searched for weapons. “The teams checked in detail their current activities and vehicles they are using, mainly if the vehicles have documents or they have been stolen. A detailed inquiry was conducted,” he said.

The commissioner of police said police have recovered two swords from the house of Surma Imran of the target gang in Ullal. “An inquiry will be conducted and the accused will be booked under the Arms Act. We have also recovered an SUV (Scorpio) and two two-wheelers from the house of Manoj Kodikere and Chethan in Surathkal. The vehicles in their possession did not have documents. An inquiry into this case will be conducted,” he said.

To ensure peace and prevent any untoward incident during polls, especially to control riots and violence, strict action is being undertaken against rowdies and anti-social elements. “Already, several people have been identified and about 1,000 preventive cases have been booked,” said Patil.

“On Thursday, rowdies from across the city were paraded at the Police Ground and a detailed inquiry was conducted. The rowdy sheet is being updated. The police will book preventive cases against those who have not yet been booked. Measures will be taken for the peaceful conduct of elections,” he said.

At the police ground, about 200 anti-social elements arrived and each one was questioned. Patil said, “The rowdy sheet will be updated. A bond of good behaviour will be taken in case they are fit for it or a regular case will be booked depending on the gravity of the offence,” he said.

Later, addressing anti-social elements, the commissioner said, “In case you go against the bond of good behaviour, strict action which includes externment or Goonda Act will be slapped upon you, which will be a problem for you and your family. Any action affecting the electoral process will not be tolerated,” he warned.

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