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Cyber Miscreants canceled Puttur persons Air India ticket in Muscat

9:46 PM, Friday, April 12th, 2019
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Joystan Lobo Mangaluru : An Indian resident in Muscat shot a video clip to brag about coming home to cast his vote and showed off his Air India Express ticket. But, he was in for a rude shock after cyber miscreants accessed his ticket details and cancelled it.

A person namely Joystan Lobo resident of Puttur in Dakshina Kannada and working in Muscat as an accountant for the past year, decided to combine his vacation and democratic duty of voting. He booked his ticket through his company’s travel agency on February 3. On March 30, he shot a video clip in support of a party candidate and flaunted his ticket to inspire others to come and vote. It was widely circulated on social media platforms.

“About an hour after I uploaded the video, I received a message that my ticket was cancelled. I lost money and had to book another ticket at a higher fare,” Joystan Lobo explained admitting that his mistake is eye opener to others, who boast about their travel plans online. “I never had an idea that ticket can be cancelled in such easy manner,” he added.

Joystan Lobo had paid 115 Omani Rials (Rs 20,000) for two way ticket when he booked and after cancellation he was refunded with 78 Omani Rials. “When I booked fresh ticket, it cost me 77 Omani Rial for one way ticket,” he added. Top Comment

Wanted to garner attention on social to be hero… but become pappu of first grade who even don”t know that surname and PNR enough to cancel the ticket.vijukage Hindustani

According to airline data, a person using IP (Internet Protocol address), which traces to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia has logged into airline website and cancelled the ticket on March 30, around 11. 07 am (GMT).

When explained him that passenger had made video displaying all his journey details public, PG Prageesh, chief of corporate Communications answered that anyone who have access to PNR and last name of passenger can cancel the ticket. “Hence we always advise passengers to keep PNR and other ticket details confidential,” he pointed out.

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