Kempegowda comes to town as a cop

6:22 PM, Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
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Kempe GowdaBangalore: Sudeep turns director in this kannada film on a cop called Kempegowda to deceive people in Bangalore. The film has nothing to do with a historic personality who put 4 towers in 4 corners of Bangalore to indicate its borders. The hero is a policeman in love with a city girl.
It is a remake of a Suriya film in Tamil called ‘Singam’ released in May 2010. Production values are high.
Director Sudeep has enriched the film with force and style to make his fans go crazy.
The honest constable Kempegowda is no prince, nor an army chief but he manages his love affair with Kavya (Played by Rajini) and tames the father who has reservations about the police department. There is a hardcore criminal Arumugam (played by Ravishanker) who comes from Hubli just as Gowda does, and both reach Bangalore to keep their rivalry at the peak. The climax deals with the height of their rivalry.
Sudeep never kneels down but allows fans to do so by his actions on the silver screen. He shines in both action and comedy with hard-hitting dialogues. Ragini, Tara and Girish Karnad have with meaty roles to show. The title song is melodious. Cinematography of S.Krishna (Mungaru Male) is meat. Technical /art values are good.


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