Police arrest 11persons in conection to Bajilkeri gang war

11:38 PM, Wednesday, July 15th, 2020
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GanwarMangaluru : The city (north) police arrested 11 members of the two gangs in connection to a clash in late night hours on Monday at Bajilkeri
After members of two gangs fought between themselves on account of pre-existing enmity and four among them suffered injuries. Relating to the incident,

Abdul Rashid, Mohammed Hamiz, Jiyad Ayyub, Mohammed Ashiq, Mohammad Imran, Safwan, Mohammad Nawaz and Nawaz Shariff were arrested. In the other case, Ajay Prasad, Vijay Prasad, and Gururaj have been arrested. Another accused is absconding.

It is said that a gang led by Ajay Prasad was opposed to the visit of Abdul Rashid and his gang to Bajilkeri. On this issue, the two gangs were opposed to each other. It is said that Rashid and his gang arrived at Bajilkeri late night on Monday and challenged Ajay and his gang. On this occasion, the two gangs fought with each other, duly armed with lethal weapons. In this incident, Abdul Rashid, Ajay Prasad, Vijay Prasad and Gururaj were injured.

The police rushed to the spot immediately and brought the situation under control. They registered cases against both the gangs. In one of these cases,

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