A house set on fire by villagers after a man murders youth

2:36 PM, Sunday, July 26th, 2020
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BagepalliChikkaballapur: A house was set on fire by villagers in Yagava Maddalakane village near Goloor of Bagepalli village in the district after the house owner allegedly murdered his daughter’s lover after his daughter committed suicide on Saturday, July 25.

A member in the house, Gangaraju (25) is severely injured in the incident and been admitted to aa hospital.

As per sources, Venkateshappa has allegedly killed Harish, his daughter’s lover to avenge his daughter’s suicide. The angry villagers and Harish’s family members have set the house on fire.

Speaking about this incident, SP Mithun Kumar said, “10 months ago Harish and the daughter of 1st accused Venkateshappa had run away. Later, they returned to the village and wanted to get married. But Venkateshappa opposed marriage by alleging Harish has no job. The daughter committed suicide and her parents have murdered Harish. The enraged villagers have set the house on fire.”

“Despite the frantic situation in the village, the situation is under control. Additional police were deployed in the village,” he added.

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