Indian nurse stabbed to death by her husband in South Florida

1:28 PM, Wednesday, July 29th, 2020
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Maria joyKottayam : Husband stabbed a Indian nurse working at the Broward Health Coral Springs in South Florida and then run over by a car on July 28 ending in her death.

The nurse has been identified as Merin Joy (26), daughter of Joy and a native of Piravam in Kottayam.

She was stabbed Tuesday morning at 7.30 am (Indian time Tuesday evening) when she came to the parking lot to return home after night duty.

After she was stabbed and pushed down, the assailant ran a car over her. Even though she was rushed to the hospital the authorities couldn’t save her life.

Police said stabbing was part of a domestic dispute between the two and they were living separately for quite some time.

The couple has a two-year-old daughter Norah.

Philip was found with a self-inflicted knife wound and was taken to a nearby hospital. Philip is charged with first degree murder.

The couple had come for vacation in December 2019.

The police have arrested the man for fatally stabbing to death his wife



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