Immuno Man – Ashwith Kumar Uppala

3:15 PM, Saturday, August 1st, 2020
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ashwithBy Ishwar M. Ail,  Mangaluru : Covid 19 and Lockdown made a big changes in the life style of the people. Not only this, it has given the opportunity to the people those who really need to help others. Immuno man Ashwith Uppala is from Uppala and settled in Mangalore with his business. He never thought that he will get this opportunity to serve the people in large number along with his friends.

In the month of March when the lockdown was announced suddenly, people moved towards the shops to buy things to keep it in stock. Same time Ashwith noticed an elderly lady in Mangalore standing near the shop to buy food grains, but as the lockdown was announced suddenly, she could not arrange cash with her to buy things. When Ashwith came to know, he told the lady to purchase the required food grains and he paid the money to the shopkeeper. Thereafter he went to his office and thought himself that there will be lakhs of people like this women during this time who are in need of help. He called all his friends and discussed collectively to do something during this period, They all agreed and supported Ashwith. He called a rice mill owner and requested him to supply rice in large quantity. He received more quantity than he ordered. People came forward to help and packed the food grains in a temple at Bikarnakatta, Mangalore. Started distributing the same in and around Bikarnakatta. People from other area came to know about this and supported Ashwith and his team. In this way this work spread in Udupi, D.K. and Kasargod districts to the people of all Community and religion.

Ashwith who is a strong believer of Sadguru Nithyananda Swamiji of Vajreshwari, is a Director of Vajri Tech Private Limited., Mangalore which has been established a couple of years ago along with his friends. This team including one of the directors of his Company Yajnesh Karkera, Jithin, RJ Rashmi Ullal, Advocate Shivaprasad Shetty, Chetan Shetty, Pavan Rakesh, Panduraga Vital Bhajana Mandir members, Ratan Kumar Hosangadi Manjeshwar and others distributed foods, food grains to lakhs of people in these three districts and even Ashwith himself taken the Corona Patients in his car to admit them in the hospital. This team distributed Kashaya (Kaada) and drinking waters to more than 2000 police teams on duty to keep their immunity strong. Ashwith and his teams work has also been identified by many TV, Print and Web medias. This team worked continuously for more than a month to help the people during lockdown. A MBA graduate Industrialist Ashwith Uppala who is very well aware of difficulties of helpless people is an example to the present youths.

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