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9:15 PM, Thursday, April 7th, 2011
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S.L Byrappa on winning “Saraswati” SammanSL BairappaBangalore: In an unusual interview given to a daily on Wednesday, following the announcement of Saraswati Samman award of Rs.7.50 lakhs to Kannada novelist S.L Byrappa out of 22 languages examined by a capable selection committee, and to be presented to his latest novel on music, ‘Mandra’, the celebrated writer who missed the Jnana Peeth award all these years by a whisker, but got this one, without hindrance at a higher level, answered some questions:
Q: The Saraswati Samman, superior even to Jnana Peeth award, seems to have come in search of you, how do you react?
A: My readers are certainly delighted, but I am aloof. The weight of my work does not go up or down, by any award. How many generations a literary work touches, and expresses for their life problems, this alone decides how long it will last in society. Valmiki did not write Ramayana for a Sri Rama ward.
Q: Whereas a number of readers come down in other writings, in your case, they are increasing day by day in reading your novels. If only Jnana Peetha award also had come to you?
A: No hopes! There were persons who prevented from not only Jnana Peetha award but also from taking the great Saraswati Samman as well. First of all, the literary piece has to be recommended from Kannada circles. Then it has to be selected out of all South Indian languages. Such six areas are created by Samman selection committee all over India and yet, Kannada won. Each winning work has to analyse the social, personal, historic, cultural and traditional problems that pester Indian society as a whole, in a distinguished manner. It has to warm the hearts of coming generations. Such a work selected in South India faces stiff competition from other parts of India. In past years, Kannada Jury committee never allowed my name to pass through their sittings.
Q: Why such disharmony in literary circles?
A: Those who dislike me are in several universities holding high posts there. They are united in their attempts in keeping me (Byrappa) out. But I hate none. Because such awards do not keep my books alive. They live by their own inner power. Those who prevent people like me from receiving awards, give undue importance to a national award.

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  1. HS Ranganatha , Arkalgud, Arkalgud,HassanDistt

    Dear Sir , It gives me immense pleasure & delight to learn that our Byrappa got the Saraswati Samman awars . It is not just I have wread few of his novels but got highly attracted to his fiction – Dharmasri . As an ordent kannada loveling induvidual of horanaadu kannadiga , I feel extreem proud & greatness that our langauage successfully getting not just awards , but growing in international arena .

    I wish & pray god to shower Long healthy life for sri Byrappa .
    I wish to send my articles written about our kannada langauge & on Belgaum issue . Please give your e mail id

    H S Ranganatha , 87 B , Sanchar nagar extension , Near Karnataka Vidhya Niketan , Kanadiya road , INDORE ( M P ) 452016 . e mail : ranglaks @ rediffmail.com , Mobile 098260 56234


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