Pakistan should not allow terrorists to use its soil

8:18 PM, Friday, July 15th, 2011
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D RajaBangalore : Communist Party of India (CPI) National General Secretary D Raja today urged Pakistan to take steps to put an end to terrorists operating from its soil and creating terror in neighbouring countries.
Strongly condemning Wednesday’s serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, in which 18 people died and hundreds were injured, he said ”It’s high time Pakistan acts with strong will and does not to allow terrorists to use its land”, addressing a press conference here.
Mr Raja urged that Pakistan should act on the list of terrorists given to it by India and co-operate with India in fighting terrorism.
Replying to a question, Mr Raja said, ”The dialogue with Pakistan should be continued despite what has happened. There should be meaningful dialogue at Official level as well as ministry level.” He said both Pakistan and India should raise their voice against United States interfering in their affairs. ”US interference in the affairs of Pakistan and South Asian countries is leading to tension, this should be protested.”

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