Ganja, Brown sugar, meant for students seized: 2 jailed

9:16 PM, Thursday, August 25th, 2011
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Ganja and brown sugaMangalore :  Ganja and brown sugar, and such other narcotic drug materials valued at Rs 9,600 were seized from 2 more drug merchants on Wednesday, Aug 24 by Urwa S-I, P.Suresh and his team.
The drug peddlers were identified as Prashant(25) from kodical, and Ashraf(32) of Manjeshwar, who had 2 mobile phones, 480 grams of Ganja and 3oogms. of brown sugar on them. The two guys were moving suspiciously near Baliga stores of Bejai and were Cought after questioning by the police.
The culprits confessed that they came to sell drugs to students. Ashraf had brought the brown Sugar from Goa.
The two accused were produced in a court and were remanded to custody

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