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Who is this Tadahathi, 102 year old GP member of Pudukulam

10:54 PM, Monday, October 24th, 2011
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Madurai DistrictMadurai: A102-year old grandmother, Tadahati, from Pudukaulam village in Madurai district here, made democratic history by getting elected the GP, when youngsters were still hesitating even to compete, let alone win, such a grassroot election in India.

She has a large family of children and grand-children, who with local people family of children and grand-children, who with local people adore her medical services with great devotion over the decades.

This attitude won her an election to the gram Sabha panchayat as member, said P.M. Ramalingam, who added that the new GP member used to go to a patient’s house, on getting to know about ill-health, and offer cure to him/her free of cost.

No wonder, 102 year old Tadahathi’s exemplary service attitudes won her the local bodies election in Tamilnadu to be followed by modern day selfish public men and women.

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