Sushil K, a Maha Karodpathi, keeps his iconic image

5:52 PM, Friday, November 25th, 2011
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Sushil-kumar-kbcMumbai : The first and only winner of Rs. 5 Crore award (from Jharkhand) in India in a hot-seat contest, managed by Big Boss Amitabh Bacchan has turned down a high offer to enter ‘Bigg Boss’ a reality show, to guard his image as a new youth icon.

Endemol India officials approached Sushil Kumar, a ‘Kaun Banega’ winner recently, and offered a post but he said on Thursday that he kept out of colour channel, where several celebrities from different walks of life are locked inside a house for 14 weeks (3 months).

The fifth session went on air on Oct 2, a national holiday. But the 27 year old Kumar did not want any company to spoil his iconic image for lure of money.

Sushil K, is already appointed as an ambassador of National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme and likes to meet common people. He was a computer operator in Moti hari, East champaran, Bihar for the same Rural Scheme. He has a large joint family and is married.

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