Amulya Calls it a day in films

5:37 PM, Saturday, December 10th, 2011
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AmulyaBangalore: She was a stage as a kid, with make-up for her roles. But she reached “cheluvina chittara” (design of beauty) in a Kannada feature film, with her appeal and elegance. Now she wants to quit all and pursue studies in a college. She is backed by her parents.

Not because she is getting married, or not getting any contracts to sign, or has to look elsewhere to continue in films outside Karnataka, and that she is an unsuccessful star-in recent times.

But she complains about too many gossip columns, bad mouths, and story-hungry newsmen writing or whispering about her inventing news where there is none.

The Kannada film world is in an insincere, vitiated atmosphere of a planet. Several stars like Nikhita, Deepika, and Aishwarya have left it, for one reason or other.

Starts from other states have been given red carpet welcome. Amulya should have known all that, the under-belly of so-called Gandhinagar film giants.

Ramya still remains, also Tara, so too Jaimala and many others. But Amulya is fed up of linking her to someone, like Nayantara to the kick dancer Prabhudev or Deepika to Hindi heroes and Katrina to Salman Khan.

The girls have to be patient and also wary of spoilers.

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  1. rekha, mysore

    hey amulya why r u quitting acting. u r a good actress, how can u do this. pls continue acting


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